Death Sauce Challenge

Videos of Challenge Survivors

RULES of the Challenge
  1. Go to Goodfellas Pizza on 1210 Mulberry St, Scranton, PA
  2. Tell your server you want to take the Death Sauce Challenge and sign our waiver
  3. Shortly thereafter, 10 wings spun in our signature death sauce will arrive. Close your eyes, lest they singe your retinas.
  4. When the server says "Go", you have 5 minutes to down all 10 wings. No help from friends, family, or gremlins.
  5. You cannot use a dipping sauce or consume any other food during the challenge. (Not that it would help cool the heat radiating from the wings and the ticking clock.

If you eat all 10 Death Wings in the allotted 5 minutes. You have earned the right to purchase a Death Sauce Challenge T-Shirt. Your picture will be placed on the Death Sauce Challenge wall. (If you don't succeed, you won't receive anything. Except maybe a wet nap.)

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